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Sudanese cuisine is varied by region, and greatly affected by the cross-cultural influences in Sudan throughout history. In addition to the influences of the indigenous African peoples, the cuisine was influenced by Arab traders and settlers during the Ottoman Empire, who introduced numerous spices, such as red pepper and garlic, as well as Levantine dishes. Egyptian, Yemeni, Indian, and Ethiopian influences are prevalent in the eastern part of the country.

A wide variety of stews exist in Sudan, often paired with a staple bread or porridge. Further south, fish dishes are popular. Sudanese food in the north is simpler, whereas foods further south reflect the influence of surrounding areas, such as the Yemeni influenced mokhbaza (banana paste) of Eastern Sudan. Ful medames is the national dish of Sudan. A popular variation of this dish is Shahan ful, which is more popular in neighboring countries of the Horn of Africa.

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